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Hello Everybun.

I'm Sidney Biggles  (Biggles because I have big earses that flap when I run so Mum says I look like I'm trying to fly!)

I moved in here 10 days ago.

Of course everybody is in love with me, as they should be and I have already taken over the burrow.

One thing I have noticed in the house is that things are shrinking!
A good example is my tunnel.   When I arrived here if I changed my mind and wanted to go the other way I could turn around inside it and go the other way.  Now there's no room, I have to reverse out or go all the way through!
Also, things I couldn't reach before seem to be getting lower.

I'm a bit worried what will happen if things keep shrinking?  Will there be room for us in the brick burrow at all?

Mum is on holiday this week so we are spending lots of time together and I can follow her around and circle and honk at her feet.  Phwoaar!

I'm just waiting now till I'm big enough to join the SBS.

Dandy's Birthday

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We have been very very bad and not been updating our journal.
Of course we blame our 2foot for hogging the pooter for her werk and other stuff she's doing!

We do have lots of news but she's hogging it again today sio in the meantime here's a film of us tucking into breakfast, just in case you're forgetting who we are!

We will try to do better and update more often.  Maybe we need our own pooter!
Dandy's Birthday

Golden Years

After the sad news that my younger sister Amber has hopped over rainbow bridge Mum has reached a realisation.

She basically has a houseload of OAP buns!

I'm over 4 years old which in Frenchie terms is mature, Dandy & Misty have both passed their 8th Birthdays.  Mum says perhaps we ought to rename Bunningham Palace as Bunningham Retirement Bungalows!

Not that we are showing our ages (apart from enjoying a good afternoon kip!) as anyone watching Dandy bomb around the garden in the dark last night would have seen!

But the real question is, where has all the time gone?
Dandy's Birthday

Sprouts and escapology update.

We've been asked to add some up to date pictures of ourselves.

This is me looking as pawsum as ever! I am a handsome devil!

Not many recent ones of Dandy & Misty, the weather has been pretty rubbish so they have been largely confined to barracks so photo opportunites are more limited but as this picture shows Dandy remains as enthusiastic about sprowts as ever!

WP_20141102_003 1

However, having been confined Dandy decided enough was enough, so yesterday morning when Mum was running late for work and hurrying to top up their hay, he made a spectacular dash for freedom between her legs.  This was followed by a hilarious 15 minutes of Dandy dodging and outwitting Mum, while she called him lots of rude names!  He's still got it!

So who has their Chris-moose trees up yet?

Thoughtful Misty

I'm Waiting!

It's my birthday today, I'm 8.

So far I've only received 2 presents, one from Dandy and one from the 2foots

I'm still waiting for all the rest so if you havn't sent yours, then you'd better hurry up

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Dandy's Birthday

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Mum is back from Granpa's funeral.

We had Daddy's Dad, Grandpa Mick looking after us as Poppy's  are shut  for their annual hollydays. He didnt do too badly, a bit of training was required but he soon learnt that my diet doesn't exclude treats at all!

Granny had been sorting through old family photos loking for ones to put up on boards at the wake and found ne of Mum age about 8 with her childhood pet bunny Bobtail.


If she thinks anyof us are riding around in a boody pram she has another thing coming!

Dandy's Birthday

Bad times

Sorry we've not been here much lately.

Our human grandpa has been diagnosed with aggressive stage 4 pancreatic cancer and may only have a few weeks. All complicated by them living in Scotland!

We haven't forgotten all our friends, but life here is a little complicated at the moment so we may not be online much
Dandy's Birthday

Birthday Boy

Today is my 4th Birthday.

Mum is bundering where all the thyme has gone. She can't blame me I don't eat thyme, I prefer parsley or basil.

Dandy's Birthday

I cracked!

I'm afraid to say my determination to give her butt only lasted 4 days! 

A nose rub was just too temping today,  I feel very ashamed